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Joe 2021

Now that Joe has had both his jabs, it looks as though Covid is just another adversity in his long life that has been overcome and he’s looking forward to the coming year in his usual rude health. He said philosophically, “I know something will get me eventually but at least now it shouldn’t be that bloody virus.” I was chatting to him this morning when I dropped off some provisions. (A spicy curry with all the trimmings and a fruit cake, to be eaten separately of course)When asked what the coming year held in store for him he was his usual optimistic, ebullient self. “Work, work and more work, interspersed with a little leisure and a smattering of pleasure. By the end of January I should have completed my latest large canvas, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, which, by the way has been an absolute joy to work on and has scratched an itch that I’ve had for many a year. Later in the year I may finally give in to the clamour to paint my story.  It won’t be an autobiographical work as such as nothing much happened for the first 20 years but I may consider a history of my working life because I haven’t always been a painter you know.  Let’s wait and see. I will do more of the small canvases and character studies that proved so popular in 2020 and I may even fit in a couple of private commissions if something tickles my fancy.  Restrictions last year meant my charitable work and public appearances were curtailed but I hope to ramp these back up in the summer and as newly appointed Ambassador to the Sheffield Hospital Charities, I will do all I can to promote and assist the wonderful health workers of our great city, without whom, many of us would not be here looking forward to a brighter and happier and healthier 2021.” I left the great man at his easel, brush in hand, his log fire blazing away and a veritable feast awaiting him later. Was ever a man more content?

Have you ever thought about Joe's Prints as an investment?

We know Joe's followers and fans love in his works because of their beautiful colours, composition and subject matter, but have you ever thought about them as an investment? Here at Joe Scarborough Art, we use expert photographic techniques to take a digital image of Joe's artwork that is then used...

Gone in 60 Seconds

“BUSKER ON EASY STREET” SELLS IN RECORD TIME. At the end of October a painting by Joe titled “THAT’S HIM” sold within 30 minutes of it being offered for sale.  We thought that record might stand for a while, but no. His latest work called “BUSKER ON EASY STREET” has...

Ambassador Joe!

Not only did Joe instruct us to provide a plethora of prizes for the Neurocare Charity Christmas Raffle, he also agreed to be an Ambassador for this worthy organisation. He’s not sure exactly what his duties will be at the moment but we know he will execute them with his usual...

Joe's Corking Calendar 2021

With the rising prices of Joes original paintings and even a basic signed print selling for £100, Joe has, for a while been concerned that a large portion of his fans and admirers who supported him through good times and bad for so many years could no  longer afford to...

On the up for Joe's Originals

With global interest now growing in Joes work, fewer and fewer are coming to the market as the investment potential of Joes work is being realised. Original Joe Scarborough's that do come up for auction now sell for double or triple the Auctioneers estimate which begs the question, where do...


In our tireless quest to discover the whereabouts of Joes original works we have uncovered many gems but this one is very special.

Rush Hour, Holmesfield

After inheriting this painting, a lady from Chesterfield decided to do a little research. She saw the handwritten title and signature by George Cunningham on the back of the frame which led her to, which is custodian of George’s archive. In that archive she found the actual two page preparatory sketch for...

Joe Scarborough stars in event at stately home

Famed Sheffield artists Joe Scarborough will be talking about his life at a special event in the Rotherham stately home which stars in his latest painting. Joe, 82, has stamped his inimitable style on a glorious, action-packed oil painting to help Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust with its fundraising. He will...

Adventures in Harthill

After seeing this mysterious image on Facebook of what appeared to be one of Joes paintings in some kind of shrine, Joe and I decided to do a little investigating. Like Sheffield’s answer to Midsomer Murders, Barnaby and Troy, we headed out to the picturesque village of HARTHILL in the...

The things we do for Weston Park Hospital: Where are you now?

In 2006 Weston Park Cancer Charity approached Joe to produce a painting celebrating the hospital and it’s peerless, inimitable staff. The idea was to get local businesses and individuals to sponsor the painting to cover Joe's fee who would then include them in the piece.


For the last couple of years, we have been asking people to come forward with their original Joe Scarborough paintings so that we could certify and create a register.


Joe Scarborough and Steve Eyre pose with the TWENTY FACES OF SHEFFIELD  statue which has been displayed since 2010 in various areas in Meadowhall.

The Big House at Wentworth

Joe has now stamped his inimitable style on a glorious, action-packed oil painting of the Rotherham stately home to help its fundraising.


In 1985 Joe Scarborough painted the iconic 30”x 40” oil on canvas, FIRE! With his trademark generosity, Joe donated it to the newly opened Sheffield Fire and Police Museum to help raise funds.


31 years ago Joe was looking for a special piece of jewellery for his lovely wife. Browsing in a local jewellers owned by a man, known to his family and friends as Rusty, Joe asked “How much is this piece my good man?"