Take A Bow, Joe Scarborough by John R Evans

Take A Bow, Joe Scarborough by John R Evans
John Evans was so delighted with his purchase of Joes original oil on canvas, “PITT STREET” he was inspired to write this wonderful ode to the great man.


To eager young ears his biography he told ,

In stark detail the motivations unfold .

Down, down, the cage descends the pit shaft hole,

Where miners eke out a living clawing coal .

Banter tries to lift that pit bottom feeling

Where life’s on hold neath a propped rock ceiling.

Ever present is a nagging  elsewhere lust ,

But all is smothered by thick monochrome dust .

The shift end senses queue in despair

Longing for that first gasp of sunlit air .

Perceptive eyes ,rimmed with coal dust eyeliner ,

Give food for thought for one surfacing miner .

He paints rich street scenes in dancing colour ,

With verdant blessings from nature’s mother .

Grist to the mill and his creative soul 

But thanks in part to that ironic hole .

His original talent can vividly see

Our bustling lives as they used to be.

Moment and mood receive a warm embrace ,

With vibrant memories in nostalgic heart space.

Some folk rush by, others ponder and care ,

Portraying Yorkshire life with flamboyant flair .

Following his star, ambition in safe harbour ,

He found himself, take a bow Joe Scarborough .

                                                     John R Evans


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