Own a Joe Scarborough painting?

Do you own a painting by Joe Scarborough?

Original paintings by Joe Scarborough are increasing in value, commanding prices of many thousands of pounds. If you are lucky enough to own an original painting we recommend that you ensure you have the correct provenance by having it authenticated by the artist and our resident expert, Stephen Eyre. Once the artwork has been inspected by them, you will receive an official certificate of authenticity, signed by them and giving you guaranteed peace of mind should you ever decide to sell.

Our authentication service is free if you bring the work to us. In addition we can also offer you a complimentary estimated valuation of its current market value for insurance purposes.

Once the piece has been authenticated, certified and valued you have a number of options:

  1. You can take the piece away and continue to enjoy it
  2. On most pieces we will offer you a price to sell directly to us
  3. You could sell it through our online store on a commission basis
  4. You could allow us to produce a limited number of 50 prints, to be signed and numbered by Joe himself and then sold through our online store on a profit sharing basis with you. Please note that unless you have express permission by Joe in writing you cannot reproduce the original piece of art for commercial gain).

Let us help you get the most from your art.

If you are interested in our free authentication and valuation service please contact us below: