Contrada of the Goose

Contrada of the Goose

This week we thought we would share a little info about one of Joe's painting that recently sold at auction, as no prints have ever been made of this painting so it is seldom see by Joe's fans.

This fantastic Joe, entitled "Conrada of the Goose", featuring the Palio di Siena horse race crashing through the streets of Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy.
The title of the painting comes from Contrada di Oca (Goose), one of the seventeen districts of Siena that competes in the race.



"Siena in Northern Italy is still steeped on medieval tradition. None being more than that of the Contradas. The city is walled town and its many gates are, or were, defended by the local clan or Contradi. The equivalent of todays local councils, but once born into a certain clan - you were in forever!

The large building at the top of the of the painting  is in the Salimbeni Square, here a young boy is being baptised into the "Contrada del Orca"(sic). His future life will revolve around this area. Working as a waiter by day in the many cafes, he return home at night to where, in the bottom of the picture, amongst the many narrow streets, he will see the flag & banner makers, the armourers working. His evenings. when not courting, will be spent perfecting his flag throwing skills or the forthcoming "Il Palio". 

The yearly highlight of Sienna when all rival Contrade compete in a violent horse race. And in the centre of the picture, the horses appear  from the Tuscan Hills - only one will be chose. And one day perhaps, young Paulo will ride for the honour of the "Contrada del Orca".

- Joe Scarborough, 1996