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A Closer Look at Storrs Wood, The Green Cathedral

Joe’s latest painting, STORRS WOOD, THE GREEN CATHEDRAL, was commissioned by his friend and fellow artist, Andrew Vickers (Stoneface). The painting depicts the war memorial carved by Andrew that sits proudly in the grounds of Storrs Wood with Service Men and Women, and civilians paying their respects.

Northern General Hospital

Joe was approached by volunteers of the hospital if he could provide two pieces of art for their newly renovated waiting room. 

Joe in the USA?

We are excited to announce that Joes representatives were approached by and have been in discussions with, a prominent gallery in Manhattan, interested in staging an exhibition to reintroduce his work to the American art market.

Is Joe Scarborough the new Lowry?

Is Joe Scarborough the new Lowry? This is a question being discussed in art circles by critics and collectors alike.Joe is flattered by comparison to a man he considers to be one of the modern masters and who he always refers to respectfully as “Mr Lowry”.

PORTLAND WORKS “Joes favourite”

Joe Scarborough was asked recently which of his painting gave him the most pleasure last year, he replied, “Portland Works, without a doubt. The whole experience was a joy.

Life in the big village

First the numbers. Around 50,000 people visited the Weston Park Museum to enjoy over 75 paintings representing and celebrating 60 years of Joes life as one of England’s most respected and cherished artists.

Joe Scarborough/Def Leppard: SUPERHERO TEAM UP!

Many thanks to Rick and all the Def Leppard guys for their support on the “Portland Works” Commission completed by Joe last year to help raise funds for the continuing renovation of this classic Sheffield landmark.

Joe Scarborough’s painting of ‘The Big Walk’ completes its journey

October 2015 - the idea for a painting was born. Jane Riberzani, a former member of staff at the University’s English Language Teaching Centre, had sadly died of a lung disease in 2014 and her family were keen to honour her memory by making a donation to the University and...