PORTLAND WORKS “Joes favourite”

PORTLAND WORKS  “Joes favourite”

Joe Scarborough was asked recently which of his painting gave him the most pleasure last year, he replied, “Portland Works, without a doubt. The whole experience was a joy.

The building itself was a gift to an artist and the people who run the trust and the people who go about their lawful occasions and run businesses in there, were engaging, cooperative and enthusiastic.The fact that proceeds from the prints will contribute to the continued renovation of this iconic Sheffield building was just icing on the case.”

The businesses that Joe refers to, are an eclectic mix, including a Gin Factory, a rug maker, and a foundry, all featured in the painting, all benefited from the considerable publicity surrounding the unveiling of the work in Portland’s Works own conference room, which culminated in Joe himself auctions off  number 1 of the limited edition prints.

The original painting was commissioned and is owned by a supporter of the Portland trust and the remaining fundraising prints are for sale on Portland’s own website and on this site.

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Portland Works Print Visual