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Joe in the USA?

Joe Scarborough painting of a train

We are excited to announce that Joes representatives were approached by and have been in discussions with, a prominent gallery in Manhattan, interested in staging an exhibition to reintroduce his work to the American art market. This follows the unprecedented success of last years, “LIFE IN THE BIG VILLAGE”, the retrospective of Joes art at the Weston Park Museum, which has generated renewed interest in Joes work all over the world but particular in America.

In anticipation of the deal being signed, Joe has started work on a new series of oil on canvas paintings, provisionally titled, “Joe Scarborough Presents - - - His Cast of Characters” These relatively small, 9”x 12” works will be studies of some of the recurring characters that have appeared in many of Joes paintings over the last 60 years. Each canvas will be accompanied by a handwritten description of the piece by the artist. The series will contain between 30 and 40 paintings.