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Joe Scarborough Art

Joe Scarborough Signed Art Print The Phantom of the Opera


This is an exclusive signed print taken from an original painting of the ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ by the famous Sheffield artist Joe Scarborough, his Sheffield artwork takes inspiration from the daily life and architecture in and around Sheffield.


“Even before there were a stage show and movie, I was enthralled by this mysterious character from the Gaston Leroux novel. My love of the theatre is well known, I see the characters in my work as a cast that I use over and over again in different productions, so the chance to commit the story to canvas was a lure I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t have done the book justice as it would have been too dark a work for my style so I was delighted when Andrew Lloyd Webber transformed it into glittering, colourful spectacle, now that was something I could get my teeth into. I took real joy in creating this work and hope you enjoy seeing it.”

• Hand-Numbered - Limited to 100

• Signed by Joe 

 230GSM Museum quality and acid-free archival paper

• Giclee print - Long-life pigment-based inks are used on our eight colour printers will stay rich for a full lifetime.


50cm x 63.5cm


Joe Scarborough Signed Art Print The Phantom of the Opera