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      Andrew Vickers (Stoneface)

      Andrew vickers (Stoneface)

      Andrew's interest in creating art from stone began around twenty five years ago. As a dry stone Waller he began to notice that walls were being erected with no trace left behind to identify the Waller responsible. Therefore he decided to be the first to leave my mark on the walls he built, so that in years to come people would recognise his work. This is where the idea came from to place small stone faces I carved, from the waling stone, into the walls themselves. That’s where Stoneface was born.  


      After discovering that he could take images from my mind and create them in stone he began striving to create more, using bigger pieces of stone on more intricate projects. My passion to create art grew and with it so did Stoneface. Creating art for a range of clientele from rock stars to politicians, his love for what he do constantly grows stronger. 

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