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Joe Scarborough Art

Joe Scarborough Greasy Vera’s Van Signed 1/100 Art Print


This is a 1/100 exclusive signed print taken from an original painting of Greasy Vera’s Van by the famous Sheffield artist Joe Scarborough, his Sheffield artwork takes inspiration from the daily life in and around Sheffield.


“Anyone who frequented Sheffield’s vibrant nightlife scene in the 70s knew Greasy Vera’s Van. At the weekend, in the small hours when we were turfed out of the nightclubs, a little tipsy and a lot ravenous, we would head to the greatest fast food van in Yorkshire, maybe the entire world. I can’t say for sure as I haven’t visited everyone in the world although I confess I've tried a good few. I recall treating various young ladies of my youthful acquaintance to the classic Cheg Burger as we wandered home. 


It is a delicacy now past into folklore consisting of a cheesy burger with an egg on it, the perfect blend of supper and breakfast, entirely appropriate as it was consumed by the dawns early light.
Here is my tribute to Greasy Vera and her iconic chuck wagon. They don’t make them like that anymore. Thank goodness I hear you cry, but for me and countless other inebriated souls with the munchies, it was the perfect end to a perfect evening. Fond memories indeed.”



77cm x 55cm


Joe Scarborough Greasy Vera’s Van Signed 1/100 Art Print